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"loving yourself is the simplest most rebellious revolution you'll ever be apart of. 

"Be everything to you,
not everything to everybody."
-Lisa Lieberman-wang 




There are so many misconceptions when it comes to boudoir and I'd like to clear some of them up!

With that all cleared up, shall we take a peek more at boudoir... 

Here's what you need to know. 

"Can a boudoir session really be that incredible?"

- Boudoir is for everyBODY
- Sizes, Age, Numbers on a scale do NOT define you and your sexuality
- F*ck Society, Diet Industry and celebs saying you're inadequate because of size, blemishes, cellulite, etc 
- Women should invest in themselves and not feel guilty!
- Boudoir is for YOU, not just a significant other

- Boudoir is for everyBODY
- Sizes, Age, Numbers on a scale do NOT define you or your sexuality
- F*ck Society, Diet Industry and Celebs saying you're inadequate because of size, blemishes, cellulite, etc
- Women should invest in themselves and not feel guilty!
- Boudoir is for YOU, not just a Significant other


Before & After!

I know seeing these beautiful images you may think I could never look like these women or do these poses. These women probably don't have acne, cellulite, or any imperfections like me. 

A vast majority of my clients have skin imperfections, struggle with negative self talk and feel their so called "inadequacies" cause them to think don't have a "boudoir ready body"

"But what if these women do"

Appreciating your body...

F*ck your standards society! 

Owning that self confidence you always had  

Having the most fun and spreading the same confidence and self acceptance to other women all around you

These beautiful women are your local wives, moms, grandmothers, nurses, first responders, teachers, etc. They are everyday women who decided to show the world that all the things we as women are fed from society's bullsh*t standards, celebrities, the diet industry, etc that we are worthy of showing off and loving our bodies.

"these women are everyday women 100% through and
through with imperfections just like the rest of us. " 

A "Luxury Boudoir Experience" with hicks pics photo is a step towards:

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I had the best experience with Kaleigh, she was fun and made me feel right at home. I had always wanted to do a boudoir shoot, but was a little nervous about getting into my "skivies" in front of a stranger. From the moment I talked with her she made me feel comfortable. I met with her at her studio to talk outfits and so I could see the place. My end pictures were fantastic and I love the quality of them. I am so glad I went with her and plan on doing another session in the near future.

Miss Eileen

I had an incredible experience with Kaleigh from beginning ‘til end and now consider her a friend after just one shoot. She's so personable and you're not just another check in her pocket. Im a thick girl and felt totally comfortable the entire time. 100% would/have recommend her. xoxo

Miss Brittney

Holy smokes , I can not tell you enough how in love I am with the photographs I received from Hicks Pics. The atmosphere was wonderful, photographer Kaleigh was so helpful with her direction and was able to make me feel 10000% comfortable and so easy to work with. I would highly recommend and look forward to working with her in the future!

Miss Paige

This was my first time at this studio, and let me tell you...I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY!
It felt so cozy and comfortable. Kaleigh helped make sure I was taken care of from start to finish. I absolutely LOVED that there was a sitting area to view images after the session. The dressing room was so wonderful, very large and enough space to hold everything I needed. The colors in this studio are to die for. I believe that Kaleigh can make all of your boudoir dreams come to light!

Miss brooke

"so helpful with her direction”

“now consider her a friend”

“Make your boudoir dreams come to light"

“Feel right at home”

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"when you admire something about another woman, tell her. get in the habit of lifting each other up."

-Author Unknown


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